travel companion

International travel companion for seniors

International travel companion for seniors around the world

Travel to Paris, London, New York, L.A., Côte d'Azur, Bali, ....seaside, countryside,..., and where ever you would like to go!

I lived for 10 years in Paris and over a year in London. Also, I lived at Cannes and next to Amsterdam.

I was a manager for an English Exchange Bureau in Paris and London and worked for German TV, for many years.

My favourite avocations are travelling, art, culture, history and many more...

I love big cities as Paris, London, New York, L.A.,.... but also the seaside and countryside.

I propose for elderly persons (man or woman or couple) an international travel accompaniment all over the world. (No Sex).

Please contact me for more details by the contact form. 

I speak English, French, German and a bit Italian.

Where do you want to travel? Cities, seaside, countryside, ....

I accompany you with great pleasure anywhere in the world!

Yours sincerely

Anna Maria

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